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I am a Melbourne based full stack software developer and founder with over 20 years of experience working with companies such as Belong (Telstra), Samsung, Dyson, BBC, HP, Sky News, ExxonMobil and numerous startups.

I have experience working with teams to design, develop, launch and scale web applications that demand efficient, testable and reusable code and that accomplish the company objectives.

I'm also the founder of talked.com.au, a online therapy platform for Australians.

My technical expertise

Full Stack


I build modern web applications and websites that are responsive and scalable.


Users expect a lot from modern web applications, it's important to have the right foundations when building complex applications. I'm able to take your business requirements and design a technical architecture using modern technologies such as Laravel, AWS, Lambdas, Microservices and React.

I can help you build your technical team and lead them to deliver a modern and scalable application, by implementing good foundational practices, such as documentation, CI/CD, e2e testing, peer reviewed code and mentoring.


I started developing in the humble days of HTML tables to the now complex world of React apps. Over these 20 years I have developed and worked on a whole range of products using an array of different tech stacks, some of them being Node/Express, React/Redux, PHP/Laravel, AWS/GCP, mySQL/noSQL, CSS/Styled components/Material-UI and loads more.

Clients i've worked for

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1984 (Age 37)


Dual Australian/English


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I am a Melbourne based full stack software developer and founder with over 20 years of experience working with companies such as Belong (Telstra), Samsung, Dyson, BBC, HP, Sky News, ExxonMobil and numerous startups.

I specialise in web application development, using such technologies as: React, Redux, AWS, GCP, Node, ES6, Typescript, PHP 8, Laravel and CSS.

I am experienced working with teams to design, develop, launch and scale web applications that demand efficient, testable and reusable code and that accomplish the company objectives.

Technical Skills

Languages / Technologies: Node, React, Typescript, ES6, Redux, PHP Laravel, SQL (MySQL/NoSQL), Angular, AWS, GCP, Lambdas, HTML, CSS3, Sass/LESS, Webpack, Karma/Sinon, Groovy/Geb.

Software / API: MVC Frameworks - Laravel, Contentful, Express, NextJS, Stripe API, Facebook API, Jenkins, Google CLoud Platform, Wordpress, Nginx/Apache, Amazon Web Services, Git, RESTful Web Services, Photoshop

Business: Agile methodology, Sprint planning, Kanban, JIRA, Common design patterns, Good programming practices, W3C Standards (valid HTML & CSS), Documentation of code

For a full list of my skills, please take a look at the services I offer.

Employment History

Talked - Founder / CEO

I founded the company Talked, which aims to make therapy available to all Australians.

It makes it easy for people to find and book therapy services. You can view it here www.talked.com.au.

Jul 2020 - Current

Some technologies I used to buld it: React, Redux, Node, Laravel, AWS, Lambdas, Twilio API, SSR, MySQL and more.

Belong (Telstra) - Senior Engineer

Working in a team of 10 as a senior engineer to build new features on their main website and maintain the systems that run the underlying business.

May 2019 - Jul 2021

Some technologies used were: React, Redux, Typescript, ES6, AWS, Lambdas, Node.js, Express, SSR.

Consultant - Numerous companies

Working with various clients across Melbourne to help them build and deliver on their technical projects. Some of these include:

  • Maddocks Law Firm: Delivered a CRM to allow their staff and clients to connect.
  • ResolveXO: Developed lease management software.
  • ZAPDIT: Built architectural drawing platform.

Jan 2018 - Aug 2019

Technology being used: Angular, React, Redux, Laravel, Google Platform, AWS, Node.js, Docker, Azure, ES6

Dyson - Lead Fullstack Developer

Working closely with Dyson research scientists to architect and develop a market research tool.

Tech stack: React, Redux, Laravel (PHP 7) for the RESTful API, PHPUnit, MySQL, Vagrant

Jun 2017 - Jun 2018

Various algorithms used to perform analysis on the data needed to be implemented in an efficient and testable manner.

Also responsibile for setting up and deploying the application to a scable server environment.

FlightBite - Co-founder / CTO

Cofounder and CTO of a flight search engine that allows customers to book flights online and pay for them in monthly instalments.

Tech stack: React, Redux, ES6, Webpack, PHP 7 (Laravel), MySQL, Travelport GDS.

Jan 2016 - May 2017

Also involved in running the business, marketing strategies, UX design and pitching.

Sky - Lead Developer

Involved in developing the frontend of a multi territory and device content management system, used to serve content to millions of daily users.

Tech stack: Angular 1.5, Redux, ES6, Webpack, Karma, Protractor, Kanban, JIRA, QA.

Aug 2015 - Sep 2017

Worked closely with Java developers, business analysts, QA team and the stake holders in an angile environment.

Samsung / ExxonMobil - Senior Front End Developer

Working as senior front-end developer on various projects for Samsung and ExxonMobil.

Sep 2014 - Aug 2015

Using the latest technologies and skills available to build responsive websites, applications and phone apps. Some of these technologies include AngularJs, Yeoman, HTML5, CSS3, Grunt, Node.js and others.

FCB Inferno - Senior Front End Developer

Helping to develop a full stack AngularJS application, using technologies such as: Bower, SASS, NPM and Grunt.

Aug 2014 - Sep 2014

"Ben was able to help instantly with the development of an AngularJS application we were making. He has a good understanding of web applications, user experience and he communicates well." - JW Buitenhuis, Lead Developer

JOEY Restaurants - Engine Digital

JOEY Restaurants has over 50 locations around USA and Canada.

I was the lead developer on the creation of a full stack AngularJS and Wordpress based website developed for both mobile and desktop.

Learn more about the project.

Mar 2014 - Aug 2014

  • Integration with third party RESTful API's for the reservation system
  • Angular UI Router used for complex nested states
  • Gulp and PhantomJS used for automation processes and generation of a static version of the website for SEO purposes
  • Wordpress used to allow the client to easily enter complex data structures
  • Designed for both mobile and desktop (responsive)
  • CSS 3 / Less

Hewlett Packard - Ivory Worldwide

Working with a small team of developers, a production crew and HP management and technical personel, I helped develop a web casting platform that allowed HP to host high level, private events with CIO's from other global companies.

Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

The system used many different technologies such as, PHP 5, MySQL, CodeIgniter, FuelCMS, Google Charts and FlowPlayer. You can read more about how the technologies were used.

Freelance - Developer

I worked in London for 6 months as a freelance developer on various projects.

Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

One of the projects was a Wordpress website for Equicare Health, which included many custom plugins and a responsive design. You can learn more about this project.

Somethin' Else - Front End Developer

Somethin' Else is a content design and creation company making things millions of people watch, listen to and play with every day.

May 2012 - Jul 2012

I developed an HTML 5 interactive poem archive for the Queens Jubilee. It uses the latest in front end technology including many HTML5 elements. You can take a look at the project.

Screenpop - Lead Developer

As a lead web developer at Screenpop (a FremantleMedia company) I worked on the development of some exciting Facebook games.

Sep 2010 - May 2012

I was responsible for the design and development of Facebook apps and worked closely with all members of our team, which included other developers, designers, server admin and the TV production team.

Webarena - Lead Developer

My primary role as the lead developer was the design and development of a custom PHP framework and Content Management System.

Jan 2006 - Jan 2008

As well as hands on development, I was responsible for managing a team of 3 developers, dealing with clients to understand their requirements, creating HTML & CSS templates, development of various web apps for in-house and client use and consulting on projects.


Bachelor of Computer Science

I obtained my Bachelor of Computer Science with a minor in Internet Computing.


I also received the McGraw Hill Prize for best second year Internet Multimedia Project.


I obtained my certificate 3 & 4 in Web Development


References are available upon request.

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